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Stratasys Aerospace 3D Printing solutions help Aerospace manufacturers streamline the cost and complexities of production as well as produce high-mix low volume parts on the fly.

3D Printing on Stratasys machines for the Aerospace industry is supported by the production grade thermoplastic ULTEM 9085, which is aircraft certified. It is the ideal solution for the manufacturing of component parts for aircraft, as it is lightweight and able to withstand intense heat (flame retardent).

Some common applications for 3D printing in the Aerospace industry are:

Production Parts

3D printing can produce durable, stable, end-use parts bypassing the production line all together. Boeing for example manufacturers aircraft – a lot of them! Although each plane tends to be the same from one order to the next, the interiors can vary; as a result of this variation a particular air duct for example may bend in a different direction. Instead of having to have a £40k tool made overseas to just create 25 of these parts, they’re better off printing them and using the 3D print as a finished part directly on the aircraft.

Jigs/Fixtures and Surrogates

Many manufacturing tools can be created using Additive Manufacturing much faster and less expensively than those of traditional methods such as CNC machining. Molds, templates, jigs & fixtures- all can be ready for us in hours instead of weeks. The value in surrogates (placeholders for the production assemblies) is that they are full-featured low cost replacements for high value parts. 3D printed surrogates are used on the production floor and in the training room.


Discover how Sheppard Airforce Base utilised 3D printing for the development of their new UAV:

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