Professional 3D Printers helping make complex parts, faster.

Professional 3D Printers

With more businesses and companies around the world reaping the benefits of Additive Manufacturing, professional 3D printers are helping aid the process of rapid prototyping and manufacturing. Producing models or end use parts within a matter of hours instead of weeks, and enabling customised bespoke products get to market quicker.

Stratasys 3D printers have the power to not only transform entire industries but the way we think about how we design, make and prototype parts.

Our range of professional 3D printers are designed to help you create robust, reliable and realistic parts. Fitting seamlessly in to both the design office and factory floor, our professional 3D printer range are tried and tested to the highest level and used by leading manufacturers and their suppliers worldwide.

Tri-Tech 3D’s professional 3D Printers can print in a range of materials from PC ABS to Carbon filled Nylon, high temperature & chemical resistant to name but a few.

3D Printers in our professional 3D Printers range are: