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Stratasys F123 Series

The Stratasys F123 Series is easy to operate and maintain for all levels of experience. The three printers in the platform, the Stratasys F170, F270 and Stratasys F370, support a broad range of capabilities and budgets for every stage of prototyping.

The F123 series combines powerful FDM technology with design-to-print GrabCAD software for the most versatile and intelligent solution available. Produce fast, effective prototypes for concept development, as well as highly accurate and robust parts for design validation and functional performance. Share projects between multiple users.

The Stratasys F123 series also features the all new fast-draft mode to produce initial design concepts quickly and economically. Now you can print twice as fast as standard build mode while consuming a third of the material on average.


The all-in-one power of the Stratasys F123 series gives you value all around- with expanded capabilities and unprecedented accessibility. New and improved features save time and material. Designed for the way you work, it’s a smart business move.

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  • System Size & Weight: 1626 x 864 x 711 mm (64 x 34 x 28 in.) 227 kg (500 lbs) with consumables
  • Build Size: Stratasys F170: 254 x 254 x 254 mm | Stratasys F270: 305 x 254 x 305 mm | Stratasys F370: 355 x 254 x 355 mm
  • Accuracy: Parts are produced with an accuracy of +/- .200 mm (.008 in), or +/- .002 mm/mm (.002 in/in), whichever is greater.
  • Software: GrabCAD Print
  • ABS-M30

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  • ASA

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  • Elastomer

    Produce large and complex Elastomer parts

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