3D Printing Service

Our 3D printing service

3D Printing Service

At Tri-Tech 3D, we recognise that not every client wants to purchase 3D printer hardware, and some prefer to entrust their AM projects to an expert third-party.

For the UK’s most dynamic on-demand 3D printing service – boasting state-of-the-art equipment and unbeatable turnaround times – make our fellow Stanford Marsh Group company the 3D Print Bureau your first stop.

Always on-hand, for overflow work or regular commissions

3D Print Bureau is 100% flexible and always ready to assist, whenever you need an expert 3D printing service. Perhaps you’ll enlist the team for a regular monthly print programme: no problem. Or maybe you have your own print lab but need a little help when you hit unexpected production bottlenecks. That’s fine, too. Even at the last minute, 3D Print Bureau can take on urgent projects and be trusted to deliver, with a typical 48-hour production cycle and 99% of orders shipping on time.

Smooth workflow from initial call to project completion

The whole point of enlisting a 3D printing service is to relieve pressure, so the 3D Print Bureau workflow couldn’t be easier. Simply get in touch and trust the expert team to take on the legwork, quoting you quickly and accurately, confirming receipt of your files and even signing NDAs if required. You’re in safe hands.

Access to the most advanced 3D printers

Just as Tri-Tech 3D offers the full range of Stratasys printers for purchase, so 3D Print Bureau gives clients complete access to the same enviable lineup of high-end

models. Talk through your individual project and discuss your unique requirements with an in-house expert, then be guided to the optimal 3D printing technology and the Stratasys model that best suits your needs, from the F900 to the H350 SAF.

Trial the complete range of printing materials

A vital decision for the success of any build is choosing the right material for the application. With properties spanning from chemical and heat resistance to next-generation elasticity, the array of 3D printer materials out there is growing at a head-spinning pace. And while Tri-Tech 3D’s experts can help direct you, the 3D Print Bureau also gives you access to every conceivable material, ready for you to trial and prototype in small batches before committing to your choice.

Try before you buy

If you have any doubt or uncertainty before investing in a high-end 3D printer, one of the best ways to assess the real-world capabilities of your shortlisted models is to put them through their paces with a trial project. At 3D Print Bureau, you can try the same build on multiple 3D printers, helping you to decide which is the best fit with no pressure, obligation or commitment.

For the UK’s most trusted 3D printing service, visit www.3dprintbureau.co.uk