Stratasys SAF™ 3D Printers

Boost your manufacturing capability with powder bed fusion 3D printing

Power based, additive manufacturing process.

The H350’s powder bed fusion 3D printing process leverages SAF technology, which relies on the advanced HAF™ infrared absorption fluid to fuse particles of polymer powder into cohesive layers for part creation.

The process also utilises proprietary Big Wave™ powder management technology to ensure even distribution of powder across the build. Industrial-grade piezo-electric print heads jet the HAF fluid to the prescribed areas, creating each cross section of the part.

After the fluid is deposited, the part is exposed to infrared energy, which melts and fuses the areas with HAF together. This sequence is repeated until the part is complete. SAF technology enables the H350 to produce parts with exceptional precision and quality, providing an efficient and reliable 3D printing solution.

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