Polyjet 3D Printers

Powerful 3D printing technology that produces smooth & accurate parts.

PolyJet is a powerful 3D printing technology that produces smooth, accurate parts, prototypes and tooling.

PolyJet is an advanced 3D printing technology renowned for producing incredibly smooth, precise parts, prototypes, and tooling. With its remarkable microscopic layer resolution and accuracy of up to 0.014 mm, PolyJet is capable of creating intricate geometries and thin walls with exceptional precision, using the most extensive range of materials available with any 3D printing technology.

Benefits of PolyJet:

  • Create smooth, detailed prototypes that convey final-product aesthetics.
  • Produce accurate molds, jigs, fixtures and other manufacturing tools.
  • Achieve complex shapes, intricate details and delicate features.
  • Incorporate the widest variety of colours and materials into a single model for unbeatable efficiency.

High-quality 3D models can be easily created in an office environment using PolyJets 3D printing systems. PolyJet continues to develop new applications and introduce application support and training for all markets and niches, from STL and CAD support, to post-process and advanced rapid prototyping applications.

Browse from our wide range of PolyJet printers from Stratasys, including the models J850 and the amazing J55.

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