BiologIC Technologies UK

Developing advanced medical instrumentation with PolyJet

BiologIC Technologies UK utilise the J826 for medical instrumentation

BiologIC is a UK firm based in Cambridge who’s aim is to create the ‘desktop PC’ of life sciences – an empowering tool shaped by individual users to drive the next wave of biological innovation.

The team is currently developing a digital bio-processing unit, described as a digital ‘lab-in-a-box’ that speeds up laboratory processes in order to make the latest breakthroughs in food, fuels, and medicines more accessible. Once the product finishes development, BiologIC plans to also manufacture the device using the J826 3D Printer.

Nick Rollings, co-founder of BiologIC commented:

Our ‘lab in a box’ draws inspiration from advances in 3D printing and the semiconductor’s long and successful history


(Image courtesy of Stratasys)

Bio-Processing Unit

Key to BiologIC’s proposition is a bio-processing unit developed using the Stratasys J826. The unit is designed to automate a number of complex biological processes using many different elements and materials. As such, the multi-material and full-colour capabilities of the J826 3D printer were essential for BiologIC.


(Image courtesy of Stratasys)

Why the J826?

The ability to 3D print in the transparent Vero Ultra Clear PolyJet material was important for BiologIC as it allowed them to create their ‘lab in a box’ cartridges as seen in the image above. For this project, it was essential that scientists can see clearly into the cartridge to ensure that the biology is of high quality and performing as designed. The designers made good use of the flexible materials in the Stratasys range like Agilus30 and other digital materials that added a level of functionality within the bio-processing unit; it helped to enable the precision movement of fluids, which is key to controlling the biology.

What does the future hold?

In the future, the company aims to use 3D printing to manufacture the bioprocessing units on-demand at a significant scale. Colin Barker, another co-founder of BioloIC explained:

Our priorities as a start-up meant we needed a technology that enabled us to be lean and agile. Stratasys’ PolyJet 3D printing is the best in the game, so importantly the J826 gave us access to this technology at a price point and physical size attractive for a start-up.