XJet Ceramic 3D Printers

Groundbreaking ceramic additive manufacturing technology

XJet Ceramic Technology

XJet provide industry-leading high definition ceramic 3D printing solutions that empower companies to create revolutionary products.

Manufacturers can now enjoy volume production of true geometric complexities, unlocking a host of applications that have so far been unviable.

Leveraging disruptive (NPJ) NanoParticle Jetting technology, the XJet Carmel line of AM systems enables the production of ceramic or metal parts with unprecedented levels of detailing, surface finish and accuracy. The process involves spraying a combination of liquid ceramics and a second soluble onto the build plate, unlike traditional printers that use ceramic powders.

The Carmel systems are designed and optimised specifically for ceramic 3D printing, or metal AM production at zero cost of geometric complexity. With a 217 in² build tray, the 1400C allows for simultaneous component production, speeding up the manufacturing process considerably.

What’s more, XJet’s new (SMART) Support Material Automatic Removal Technology automates the removal of their award-winning soluble support material, simplifying the post print process drastically.

“The easy-to-use water-based system has a selection of programs – differing by water level, flow rate and other parameters – to suit any given tray of parts. Using intelligent algorithms, the SMART system suggests the appropriate program.”

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