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3D Printing for Jigs and Fixtures

Jigs and Fixtures are a crucial tool for manufacturers to maintain quality and production efficiency as they are used to position, hold, protect and organise components and subassemblies at all stages of the manufacturing process.

Although these tools may seem like an invisible part of the manufacturing process, they are of paramount importance in ensuring production runs smoothly. Therefore, it is essential that manufacturers can produce jigs and fixtures quickly, economically and on demand.

Let us free you from conventional manufacturing constraints with our Stratasys 3D print technology! Stratasys 3D printers are the ideal alternate solution for producing jigs and fixtures. Here are some on the benefits you could reap by embracing our technology:

  • 40-80% reduced lead times
  • 70-95% cost reduction
  • an integrated design process which eliminates need for assembly
  • Improved performance and accuracy
  • Design freedom for improved function and ergonomics
  • A more streamlined single process


By replacing traditional manufacturing processes such as injection moulding, 3D printing significantly reduces production time as there is no lengthy waiting around for one part of the process to be completed before moving on to the next. There’s also no post assembly required which means there’s just one streamlined process to worry about. There’s no need for complicated machine programming or dangerous machinery to operate either!

In addition, there’s no need to outsource machine cut tools. With 3D printing, shapes and geometries can be determined, and parts built within as little as a single day. Our 3D technology will enable you to create designs that are too difficult for conventional cutting methods to replicate, such as hollow interiors, curves or complex shapes.

With our 3D print technology, the material cost of jigs and fixtures is significantly lower than the price of a traditional tool. However, our materials are superior to standard manufacturing materials and can provide a higher standards of strength, durability and flexibility! We offer the full range of Stratasys materials including standard and production grade thermoplastics, bio-certified materials and aerospace certified materials.