Nylon 12 CF

Carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic

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Nylon 12 CF Material

Nylon 12 CF is an FDM, carbon-fibre reinforced thermoplastic which provides an ideal substitute to metal tooling. This material is compatible with the Fortus production systems.

The material properties of Nylon 12 CF include high strength-to-weight ratio as well as high tensile strength and is notably light in weight. It’s unique properties allow it’s use within a variety of applications across a wide set of industries. It is ideal for functional prototyping processes and tooling applications. Nylon 12 CF is particularly useful in the following industries:

Aerospace: UAV components and tooling

Transportation and Automotive: Bumpers, Fixtures and Brackets

Consumer: Performance and Sporting goods

General Manufacturing: Tooling, fixtures, and other manufacturing aids



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