Refurbished 3D Printers

Refurbished or loan 3D printing systems

We often get enquires for "refurbished 3D printers" and even "loan 3D printers".

Albeit our vast sell out remain new Stratasys FDM/Polyjet systems into what is still an emerging market sector for many, we are starting to see a steady supply of printers in good enough condition to pass refurbish inspections. With our team of service professionals, these units are tested and refurbished to an acceptable re-sale standard and include up-to 12-months support. The focus on refurbishment is first and foremost ‘print quality’ and availability of spare parts for a foreseeable term. Whereas some of the bodywork will often show signs of wear and tear, a fair compromise when buying used systems.

Nonetheless, these refurbished 3D printers can often be a good way for many to get some experience with 3D printing, at a price point similar too home/hobbyist devices, yet with ‘professional/industrial’ quality. Comparable to buying a used 5-series BMW Vs a Moped, when you expected the Moped to carry several passengers, have a comfortable ride, and keep you dry on a rainy day. We get feedback from lots of customers who’s first experience of 3D printing was on a low-cost system, that often failed to build and led to them writing off the entire process. Only to then experience professional units and realise their first impression was a Moped.

Loan printers although not a regular occurrence, due to the time to set systems up and the likelihood most 3D printers once acquired become a permanent necessity. On occasions, we do have systems that can be rented on a short-term basis to either help during a busy period, or merely a means to ‘try before you buy’ and convince yourself or others there is a genuine need.

For further enquiries on the availability of refurbished or loan 3D printing systems, please contact us