3D Printing for Schools, Colleges & Universities

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Taking higher education to the next level

Find a new way of engaging with your students with 3D print technology. Over 50% of higher educational establishments in the UK now have in-house 3D print technology! With Stratasys 3D printers, get prepared to educate our future generations by providing students with the opportunity to learns hands on. We guarantee it will be more effective than a textbook.

Inspire Learning

Struggling to get your students to engage? With our Stratasys 3D printing solutions as your educational partner, allow students to develop real world skills, grasp concepts and refine their creative skills. Let your student’s ideas come to life in a matter of hours! Our 3D print technology is capable of printing in over 360,000 colours, multi materials and in high resolution!

Our 3D print technology has already been placed in a range of educational establishments including research council facilities, colleges and universities and schools. No matter what the subject, by bringing concepts to life in the physical world, your students will gain a more thorough understanding and can test out theories rather than taking your word for it.

Promote Confidence

Teach your students not to be afraid of making mistakes. Let them learn by trial and error by physically printing their ideas and allow them to improve upon their designs. With our 3D print technology, you can train students in a variety of environments without the hold backs. Training medical students? You don’t need access to a lab, our Stratasys materials are capable of simulating real human tissue properties! The advanced capabilities of our 3D systems mean we cater to a number of specialisms and STEAM subjects.

Teach Real World Skills

Prepare student for the future by introducing them to 3D technology early. 3D printing technology is already being used in a wide range of industries and is constantly developing so why not give students a head start for a bright future!