Lubricious non-marring material

Diran 410MF07

Durable, Nylon-Based FDM Thermoplastic

Diran 410MF07 is a Nylon based material, delivering the strength and toughness required for manufacturing environments. However, unlike other FDM materials, Diran 410MF07 has a smooth, lubricated feel that results in very low surface friction; a valuable feature in cases where movement between parts is desired. In addition, the material’s resistance to hydrocarbon chemicals means that it’s ideal for harsh factory floor environments.

What are Diran 410MF07’s Star Qualities?

  • Its slick surface offers low sliding resistance against other tools or parts
  • An ideal option for tooling applications, since the thermoplastic can withstand a tough shop environment


  • Tooling – Jigs, fixtures, and end of arm tooling
  • Prototyping – Smooth surface finishing for prototypes
  • Production Parts – Low-volume production and highly customised parts

What printer can it be used on?

This new material can be used on the F370.

View the data sheet for Diran 410MF07

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