Build Soft-Touch, Flexible Prototypes

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Build Soft-Touch, Flexible Prototypes

Create realistic prototypes with flexible, rubber-like qualities. Tango simulates soft-touch coatings, nonslip surfaces, rubber surrounds or overmolding. Test and verify grips, pulls, handles, gaskets, or footwear in a range of Shore A values comparable to rubber bands, tire treads, and shoe heels.

Exceptional Final-Product Realism

Tango and TangoPlus simulate thermoplastic elastomers with flexible, rubber-like qualities. Ideal for testing and verifying visual, tactile and functional applications such as grips, gaskets and footwear, Tango produces soft, flexible prototypes that require shock absorption, vibration dampening or a non-slip surface. Blend Tango with other PolyJet photopolymers for different hardness, elongation and tear resistance levels.

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