Rubber-like polyjet photopolymers

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Rubber-like Materials

With the properties of the Stratasys range of rubber-like Polyjet Photopolymers you can simulate rubber with different levels of hardness, elongation and tear resistance. You are able to simulate soft-touch coatings, non-slip surfaces or overmolding.

Rubber-like materials in the Stratasys range:

  • TangoPlus FLX930
  • Tango Black Plus FLX980
  • Agilus 30 FLX935
  • Agilus 30 Black FLX985
  • Agilus 30 White (NEW!)

Semi-flexible materials in the Stratasys range:

  • Tango Gray FLX930
  • Tango Black FLX973

Utilising the Stratasys Objet 260, Objet 350/500 or the J750 you can combine rigid materials like Rigur or Digital ABS. The combination of materials together will offer a Shore A value ranging from 27 to 95.

See the capabilities of the new Agilus 30 material here:

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