Vero Flex

Flexible photopolymer material

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Vero Flex Eyewear

Vero Flex

VeroFlex is a Stratasys PolyJet photopolymer created for rapid prototyping eyewear. VeroFlex offers superior flexibility and can simulate the look, feel and function of eyewear with full-part realism to provide improved performance testing.


  • Eyewear Prototyping
  • Performance testing

What are Vero Flex’s Qualities?

  • Vero Flex is Strong, robust and flexible.
  • Shorten product development to eight week.
  • Prototypes can better withstand drop, lens-mounting and wearability tests.
  • Wide range of colours, textures and materials – including Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, White, Black and clear and can also be printed as opaque or transparent.

What Printer can it be used on?

Improve your eyewear sales with VeroFlex on your J850 and J826 3D Printer.

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