Rigid Opaque

Dimensional stability and fine detail

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Rigid Opaque Materials

Our range of Rigid Opaque materials provide you with excellent detail and the ability to 3D Print prototypes that look like your end products. You are able to print smooth, attractive prototypes to test the fit, function and form of static parts, moving components or complex assemblies.

For the Objet30 Pro, Objet30 Prime and Objet Eden 260VS 3D Printers, the Rigid Opaque Vero family includes:

  • Vero White Plus (RGD835)
  • Vero Gray (RGD850)
  • Vero Blue (RGD840)
  • VeroBlack Plus (RGD875)

Rigid Opaque materials can be blended together on either the Connex 3 or J750 system enabling you to vary hardness, flexibility or translucency.

For our multi-material systems, the Vero family of material includes:

  • Vero Gray (RGD850)
  • Vero Blue (RGD840)
  • Vero Black Plus (RGD875)
  • Vero Cyan
  • Vero Magenta
  • Vero Yellow
  • Vero Black
  • Vero White Plus
  • Vero Pure White


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