Realistic, Multi-Colour Prototypes in Less Time

Realistic, Multi-Colour Prototypes in Less Time

3D print accurate, multi-color prototypes to test fit, form and function. Vero combines excellent detail visualization with strength, a key component in realistic prototypes. Produce smooth, accurate prototypes, surgical models, moving and assembled parts, jigs, fixtures and manufacturing tooling.

3D Print in Vibrant Colour

The multi-purpose, multi-color Vero photopolymers offer strength, stiffness, and versatility in blue, white, black, gray, cyan, magenta and yellow. 3D print smooth, accurate parts for testing, surgical planning or tooling. For multi-material versatility, blend with other photopolymers to vary hardness, flexibility, translucency or heat resistance. Vero materials are also offered in clear, flexible and dental.

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