High Temperature

Thermal resistance and dimensional stability

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High Temp Material

High Temperature Material

Our Stratasys high-temperature heat resistant material stimulates the performance of standard plastics and is ideal for thermal testing of static parts. It has a heat deflection temperature of 63-67 C, and thermal post-treatment in a programmable oven can increase this up to 80 C.

Our high-temperature material lends itself to many applications such as:

  • Models in transit
  • Hot air and hot water testing
  • Heat resistant jigs and fixtures
  • Exhibition models under strong lighting conditions
  • Form, fit and thermal functional testing of static parts

What are the High-Temperature Qualities?

  • Combines heat resistance with exceptional dimensional stability
  • Can combine it with Rubber-like materials producing Shore A values, gray shades, and rigid functional materials with higher temperature resistance.
  • Simulate the thermal performance of engineering plastics

What Printer can it be used on?

This material can be used on Objet30 Prime, Objet 30 Pro, Eden 260VS, Objet 260/500 Connex 1 & Objet 260/350/500 Connex 3.

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