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FDM Fortus 250mc

Stratasys Fortus 250mc pairs fine layer resolution with a larger build envelope and gives you the power to fine-tune every aspect of prototype production. Imagine faster, more effective product testing and development, all in an easy-to-use, office-friendly system.

The Fortus 250mc is our most affordable 3D production system, and it delivers flexibility and reliability. Build functional prototypes and manufacturing tools, all at an affordable price. Now you can achieve reliable and flexible part production for prototyping at a friendly price.

  • Build Size: 254 x 254 x 305 mm
  • Layer Thickness: Three layer thicknesses – .178, .254 and .330 mm
  • Software Compatibility: Insight
  • System Size: 838 x 737 x 1143 mm
  • Power Requirements: 110–120 VAC, 60 Hz, minimum 15A dedicated circuit; or 220–240 VAC 50/60 Hz,minimum 7A dedicated circuit
  • Accuracy: Parts are produced within an accuracy of ± .241 mm (± .0095 in.). (Accuracy is geometry dependent. Achievable accuracy specification derived from statistical data at 95% dimensional yield.)
  • ABS plus

    Affordable standard thermoplastic

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