The New F3300: FAQ’s

Your Frequently Asked Questions - answered!

F3300: Your FAQ's answered...

Upon the introduction of a new machine, a myriad of inquiries typically arises, and our team is ready to provide answers. Whether you’re curious about build size, unique selling points (USPs), or materials, we’ve got all the information you need.

💭 What differentiates the F3300 from other extrusion 3D Printing platforms?

The F3300 incorporates innovative technology that enables faster printing, enhanced throughput, and improved reliability and part quality compared to conventional extrusion-based 3D printing technology.

💭 How can the F3300 be up to twice the speed of standard industry printers – what’s different?

The F3300’s exemplary speed is thanks to a range of new system designs that have been incorporated in to the manufacture of this product. Several key elements that helps it’s performance include:

  • Faster gantry speed which positions the extruders
  • More effective extruders capable of faster filament extrusion
  • Multiple extruders that enable faster material changeover
  • Local Z-plane extruder movement which occurs faster than moving the heavier build plate
  • Automatic labour free calibration

💭 What materials are available?

Currently at launch the system prints with four thermoplastics: ASA, PC, Nylon 12CF and ULTEM 9085. Soluble and breakaway support materials are available to use with these model materials.

💭 Can the system print two materials at the same time?

The F3300 does not print with two materials simultaneously. However, the automatic tool changer allows it to quickly switch to a different material spool of material to print with a different colour or material (providing that the two chosen materials have similar print-temperature profiles).

💭 Will I need to purchase material licenses to run the different types of material?

No! There is no requirement to purchase additional material licenses to use all the materials the F3300 is capable of printing with.

💭 Is OpenAM (Open Material License) available on the F3300?

Currently no.

💭 Do current F123 and Fortus spools or build sheets work on the F3300?

No, the F3300 series has different size build sheets and uses a new spool design.

💭 What software do I need to run this new FDM system?

The F3300 uses GrabCAD Print, GrabCAD Print Pro and Insight Software.

💭 When can I get it in the UK?

The system will be shipping in the UK in Q2 of 2024. Please speak to one of the team to get your benchmarks off the system, or to organise a trip to see the F3300 in person. Orders are being taken now.