The J826 is Stratasys’ newest PolyJet 3D Printer

Meet the Latest Stratasys J8 series member

Stratasys Pantone colour

Introducing Stratasys J826 3D Printer

What is the J826?

The J826 is the latest addition to the Stratasys J8 Series Family! The new J826 offers a lower price point alternative for the enterprise world, as an entry level option for smaller companies. Keeping the same wide application range as the current J8 series, the J826 provides endless possibilities with seven material capacity. Its streamline workflow enables you to shorten the time it takes to get to market and increase productivity, with its three printing speed modes its simply to use and has a removal tray that’s easy to clean and helps to elevate your efficiency.

‘’Designers have a strong imagination and they do envisage a 3D product during the Research and Development phases of a product, the J826 allows you to realise your vision and accelerate the design process.”

Joe Godfrey, Stratasys Sales Specialist

How is it different?

You’re probably wondering how the J826 is different? Well, it’s a new alternative for Designers to create 3D models, with its multi-material and full colour end to end modelling solution, the J826 is designed for Designers. Helping to reduce costs, discover design errors faster and overall reduce lead times. Here at Tri-Tech 3D we understand the importance the creative process of designing is, with the new J826 designers can have a physical realistic model in their hands that simulates their concept ideas, enabling better decisions and superior final products to be made! At a lower cost the J826 is based on the Stratasys J850 technology that offers the same end-to-end solution and ultra-realistic designs.

When is it available?

Get prepared as the J826 is shipping from 15th May. Joe Godfrey, Stratasys Sales Specialist commented:

‘’I’m particularly excited to see the J826 add value to our customers design processes through its unique offering’’

The Benefits

  • Easy to use with pre-process of GrabCAD, which creates a smooth workflow and simple process of PolyJet printing.
  • Printing quality offers a range of PANTONE Validated colours as well as a combination of transparency and flexibility! With its great resolution the J826 can mimic textures from leathers to woods enabling realistic representations of designs ideas to be achieved.
  • Offers speed and productivity with virtually no changeovers necessary, the J826 can help you achieve models faster, by printing seven materials simultaneously, enabling production time to be reduced from weeks/months to days/hours!

What’s next?

Overall the J826 delivers realistic designs that help to simplify the design experience while still achieving the form, fit, texture and colour you desire and dramatically reducing the production time. Create superior products that enable you to test and experiment with your ideas. The J826 supports the creative process as this latest Stratasys 3D Printer combines both productivity and part realism, offering numerous capabilities and possibilities. To find out more, please contact us at Tri-Tech 3D where our team of professional and knowledgeable specialists are happy to help!