The future of fashion is here!

Say hello to the Stratasys FabriX Innovation Kit 🎨

FabriX™ Innovation Kit extends the ultra-realistic CMF capabilities of the J850™ Prime even further

The fashion world is about to get a lot more exciting thanks to Stratasys. As a reliable, long standing company with an innovative spirit that has been market leader in 3D printing since its inception, Stratasys are the only company with direct-to-textile 3D printing technology. With a variety of materials available for 3D printed designs that create magical optical illusions on fabric or customisation options for your wardrobe with effects that you won’t be able find anywhere to refresh closets forevermore.

Fashion designers are embracing 3D printing as a way to bringing unique styles to their customers without having them wait months for custom orders. With an ever-expanding list of innovations, Stratasys has already enabled designers around the world to produce some amazingly stunning pieces that simply could not have been created with traditional tailoring methods.


Stratasys 3D Printed Dress at New York Fashion Week 2019

We predict that latest innovations in 3D printing will change the way we dress. We are no longer bound by traditional limitations on what our clothes look like or how they fit, these advancements have given rise to a new generation of fashion designers who care about sustainability, and consumers eager for something customisable to keep things fresh and renewable. The future of fashion is here – and it’s here to stay!

What is 3DFashion Technology?

3DFashion is a powerful 3D printing technology that is revolutionising the fashion industry. 3DFashion allows direct-to-textile printing in full colour and clear print enabling the creation of spectacular designs and fantastic optical illusionary effects on garments, footwear and luxury accessories. 3DFashion technology enables optimisation of the absorption rate mechanism allowing for perfect adhesion on a variety of fabric types.

What is the FabriX Innovation Kit?

FabriX™ Innovation Kit extends the ultra-realistic CMF (Colour-Material-Finish) capabilities of the J850™ Prime even further with an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and repeatable solution for 3D printing on fabric and flexible substrates. Experiment with new materials and printing techniques for a wider range of options. Explore the possibilities of 3D printing on fabric and create design prototypes that are both innovative and stylish. FabriX is the ideal tool kit for designers at R&D and Innovation Centres in the Education, Consumer Goods, Wearable Electronics and the Concept Car and Automotive Industries.

Powered by Stratasys 3DFashion™ technology that, together with FabriX, enables optimisation of the absorption rate mechanism for perfect adhesion of jetted materials on a variety of fabric types. Designers and researchers can easily 3D print on fabric, in full colour, and clear print creating extraordinary designs on textile for educational research, military, wearable electronics, footwear and more.

FabriX innovation kit transforms the J850 Prime into an end-to-end hybrid system for printing both 3D model parts and 3D printing on flexible, flat substrates, such as fabric, carbon fibre, flexible polymers, mylar, netting, canvas and more.  The ultimate solution for design and concept 3D printing with a super simple workflow that is easily implemented using our GrabCAD™ Print software.

I’ve got a J850 Prime already – what else do I need to enable this kind of 3D Printing?

The FabriX Innovation Kit is essential for your J850 Prime printer with hardware and software upgrades including:

  • Fabric mounting jig (0.2-2.5mm thickness)
  • Automatic fabric thickness calibration
  • Flexible Material Printing on Fabric
  • UV light illumination control during print process
  • Netting-Fabric Insert
  • Fabric Analyser Wizard

Get in touch with with us to talk about purchasing your FabriX Innovation Kit or for further information on how to unlock these amazing new features.