New material release: ABS-CF10

New material release: ABS-CF10


ABS CF-10: The easiest way to print with carbon fiber

Stratasys ABS-CF10 is the newest material to join the FDM thermoplastics range. It combines standard ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material with 10% chopped carbon fiber by weight. The result is a low moisture-sensitive FDM thermoplastic 50% stiffer and 15% stronger than standard ABS 3D printing material.

ABS-CF10 is available on the Stratasys F170, F270, and F370 printers, allowing for 2-7x faster prints than competitors’ composite material printers. The addition of a high stiffness-to-weight ratio and low moisture-sensitive material enhances the FDM jigs and fixtures offering of the F123 Series.

Typical applications for this material include:

  • Manufacturing tools
  • Jigs
  • Fixtures
  • End effectors
Pipe-weld fixture 3D Printed in ABS CF10
Pipe-weld fixture 3D Printed in ABS CF10


Can I use this material on my existing F123 Printer?

Yes! Head-life expectancy will be lower due to abrasion of carbon fiber for current installations but a dedicated ABS-CF10 head is available.

Can I use a standard build tray like I use for ABS?


How do I recycle this material?

Due to the carbon fiber content, you will have to contact your local recycling centre for proper disposal.

Will any other components on my F123 Series printer have additional wear due to the CF content in the material?

No. No other internal components, besides the head, show signs of additional wear by ABS-CF10.

What support material is used with ABS-CF10?

QSR soluble support.

Can I use the CF head with other materials?

The ABS-CF10 head is dedicated for ABS-CF10 only. The standard head can be used for all other materials. You will need to swap heads when they run different materials. The head is user changeable, so no service visit is required for the change.

How do I order?

This material will be available for shipping from April 1st, 2021. (See below ordering information)

CF 10 Ordering Information

In the meantime, if you would like a sample part – please get in touch.