Antero 840CN03

Strong heat resistant & chemical resistant

High-Performance PEKK-Based ESD Thermoplastic

Adding to the Antero family, Antero 840CNO3 is a high-performance FDM filament that’s based on Kepstan Pekk. Designed for harsh and highly regulated environments, this new material leverages a strategic supplier relationship with Arkema, adding static dissipative capabilities to Antero’s already impressive array of physical and mechanical attributes.


What are Antero 840CN03’s star qualities?

  • Unmatched strength and chemical resistance
  • Low outgassing properties
  • Great for static sensitive applications
  • Performance has been validated over several years by Stratasys
  • Lighter weight alternative to metal


Applications of Anero 840CNO3

  • Hatch covers
  • Tools in the production of electronic components
  • Functional prototypes for high-demand applications
  • ESD safe jigs and fixtures for testing and assembly
  • Low-volume and end-use parts for high requirements

What printer can  Antero 840CNO3 be used on?

This new material can be used on the F900 and now the Fortus 450!

View the data sheet for Antero 840CN03

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