Bio-compatible production-grade thermoplastic

Bio-compatible production-grade thermoplastic

When combined with Stratasys FDM 3D Printers, ABS-M30i gives you biocompatible parts with excellent mechanical properties that are well suited for conceptual modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools, and production parts.

ABS-M30i is a bio-compatible material that can be gamma or EtO sterilized and complies with ISO 10993 and USP Class VI. This material can be used for products that come in contact with skin, food, and medications.

ABS-M30i is suited for a variety of applications including:

  • Food handling
  • Pharmaceutical handling
  • Surgical planning models and tools

What are ABS-M30i’s qualities?

  • Can be used for products that come into contact with skin, food & medications
  • Complies with ISO 10993

What Printer can it be used on?

This material can be used on the Fortus 900 and Fortus 380/450mc.

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