Introducing the Stratasys J850

5 Reasons to Upgrade

Find out what makes the all new Stratasys J850 the most powerful design tool

Just a few days ago our team were excited to join Stratasys in the announcement of the all new J850 and the J835, bringing a new set of standards and possibilities for PolyJet printing. These two new additions to the PolyJet range are set to replace the J750 and the J735 which will no longer be available as the updated systems come onto the market.

Now we’re sure you have a lot of questions on what’s so different about the J850 and the J835, how they would make a difference to your business and if it’s worth switching your old PolyJet system for the newer model. We’ve put together a few reasons why switching to the J850/J835 could be a good move. Check it out below…


Power Designs with Colour

With over 500,000 colours and the ability to print in multiple textures, all in a single print, the J850 stands alone. Enabling designers to bring their most imaginative ideas to life, the J850 can help you realise any number of design ideas, simulate a variety of realistic textures and use transparent materials to achieve a more realistic finish.

In addition to the capabilities of the J750, the J850 improves speed efficiency and colour fidelity of your prototypes, whilst printing with PANTONE colours. With a capacity for up to 7 resins, the J850 allows you to obtain your exact colour requirements by matching CYMK colours to more than 1,900 printable PANTONE colours, Solid Coated and Skin Tones, ensuring 100% repeatability every time.


Print more Realistic Parts

The J850 allows you to achieve unprecedented combinations of colour, transparency and flexibility in a single print by leveraging the multi-material printing capabilities. Here’s some of the ways the J850 enhances prints…

  • Enhanced Vibrancy – Achieve a near match for fit, form, colour and texture during rapid prototyping with VeroVivid multi-colour materials.
  • Concept in Grey Scale – Produce low-cost concept models that simulate the appearance of production parts with DraftGrey
  • Create Flexible Parts – Use Agilus30 to create flexible parts and prototypes that can flex, bend and elongate.
  • Achieve Transparency – Use VeroUltraClear to 3D print translucent parts or combine with colours to create stunning transparent shades.


Tip – High Quality mode provides the most options for using multiple materials, colours and high resolution, for models with the most realism.


Accelerate your Workflow


The J850 allows you to print full-colour models in 10% of the time of high fidelity models. This leads to quicker decisions and approvals, helping you to get to market faster while still achieving the same number of design iterations, if not more.

In addition, these new models also come with a Super High Speed Mode, utilising the new DraftGrey material created especially to reduce overall production time.

This accelerated workflow is particularly useful to the medical and education sectors. When developing medical products, manufacturers can expedite their design process to get products to clinical trials faster. And in classrooms and universities around the world, students can test, design and discover in a matter of days, not weeks.

Increase Material Efficiency


The new, larger cost-efficient cartridge leads to fewer changeovers, minimises air penetration, and cuts leftover resin in half creating a more efficient printing experience.

Productivity and design freedom is enhanced with the use of soluble support material. Soluble support can be removed by soaking the models in a cleaning solution, making it a hands-free operation. It also enables the creation of models with small, intricate passageways and channels because the immersion process easily accesses these areas, which isn’t possible with water jet hand cleaning.


Decreased Downtime


The J850’s seven-material capacity is a considerable time and material saver. Multi-material printers with less capacity need material changes for different colours or material types. This results in printer downtime and wasted material, made necessary to purge the system of the previous material.

The J850’s larger material capacity lets an operator load their most-used materials and drastically reduce or even eliminate material changes, saving time and resources.


So there you have 5 pretty big reasons to upgrade from your old PolyJet system to the Stratasys J850 or J835. Want to come over for a cuppa and a demo? Contact our team on 01782 814551 or email