Print metal parts on the UltiMaker S7 & S5

Print metal parts on the UltiMaker S7 & S5

Print metal parts on the UltiMaker S7

The Metal Expansion Kit is now compatible with the UltiMaker flagship S5 & S7

Take advantage of a new range of metal 3D printing applications by upgrading the UltiMaker S7 or S5 with the Metal Expansion Kit. Its seamless workflow makes creating stainless steel parts easier, more efficient, and affordable.

Seamless Workflow 💻

Get everything you need with the UltiMaker Metal Expansion Kit and directly start printing metal parts on your UltiMaker S5 and S7. Thanks to an integrated solution that includes software optimisations, access to post-processing services, and extensive e-learning content, you will be able to easily go through the entire metal FFF process from start to end to get your final part.

High Quality Stainless Steel Parts ⚙️ 

The UltiMaker Metal Expansion Kit combines 17-4 PH stainless steel with a metal-optimised support material. This offers the freedom to create high-strength parts with complex geometries. On top of that, UltiMaker Cura 5 includes extra metal FFF features, gives you full control and ensures a more reliable and high-quality result.

Flexibility between Metals and Plastics – you choose! 🙌 

The UltiMaker Metal Expansion Kit adds the capability of 3D printing either plastic or metal to your UltiMaker S5 and S7. Just switch out the print cores to switch between materials. This gives you the flexibility to 3D print using an even wider range of materials all on one machine – from simple PLA or Tough PLA, to engineering-grade polymers, to stainless steel.

Ultrafuse 17-4PH 📦 

BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse® 17-4 PH is an ideal stainless steel for high-strength and stiff parts. It is also capable of withstanding the harshest operating conditions thanks to its excellent corrosion and heat resistance. These properties are achieved through a proven catalytic debinding and sintering process used for traditional metal injection moulding.

No Hardware modifications needed ❌

Metal 3D printing with UltiMaker requires no hardware modifications. Simply swap the print cores on your UltiMaker S5 and S7, load the material (which is automatically recognised thanks to an NFC chip in the spool), and start your print. The result is a “green” part ready for debinding and sintering.

How do I get the Metal Expansion Kit?

Please get in touch with our team to find out pricing and how to get your hands on your very own Metal Expansion Kit.


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