NEW Water Soluble Support Material đź’§

The new Stratasys advanced support solution

NEW Water Soluble Support Material from Stratasys

The removal of support material from delicate 3D models can be difficult and, in many cases, unachievable. This may lead designers to limit their prototyping requirements or even compromise on design. Mechanical support removal, from complex structures with intricate channels or holes, comes at the cost of possible damage to the part, risking additional time and costs.

On March 1st, Stratasys announced the highly anticipated water soluble support solution for their PolyJet range of 3D Printers. The new WSS150 is making post-processing even simpler, enabling users to remove support material in just ONE step using regular tap water.

WSS150 is a water soluble support material for easy, hands free removal in a single step without the risk of damage. For fast support removal, use a standard or countertop dishwasher or alternatively, for delicate, intricate models or parts with internal cavities, just place in a vessel filled with regular tap water.

WSS150 Key Benefits

  • Single step, hands free support removal
  • Mechanical properties of printed parts remain unaffected
  • A simple workflow with no special skills needed of operator
  • Production time minimised
  • Optional landfill disposal solution (based on local regulations)


Is this compatible with all PolyJet printers?

No. WSS150 is currently only available to work with the Stratasys J55 Prime and J35 Pro

Will this new material replace SUP710?

No, WSS150 is an additional support material. It is a water-soluble support designed for single step, hands free removal using dishwasher or still water.

What model materials are compatible with WSS150?

All J55 Prime and J35 Pro model materials are compatible (Vero, Vivids, DABS, Elastico, and DraftGrey).

Is there any upgrade that needs to be done in order to use WSS150?

Software upgrade only to GrabCAD Print version 1.6 and above.

How do I order this new support material?

Get in touch with our materials team and let them know you’re interested: