VeroDent DEN847

Bright white dental modeling resin

Bright white dental modeling resin

VeroDent PureWhite is a bright white photopolymer that can be used alone or as the foundation for creating realistic, full-colour models when combined with the Vero Vivid Color Family. With its stiffness and ability to capture high-quality, accurate details, this resin is primarily intended for printing restorative and orthodontic models.

Its bright white colour makes it an ideal choice for creating dental appliances that require a natural-looking appearance, while its compatibility with the Vero Vivid Color Family enables the creation of models with a wide range of colours and shades. As a result, VeroDent PureWhite offers dental professionals a versatile and reliable solution for producing high-quality dental models with exceptional accuracy and realism.

Key Features

  • Excellent detail visualisation
  • Flexural strength: 75-110 MPa
  • Colour: White



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