UltiMaker Tough PLA

High performance, polyactic acid material

Technical PLA with ABS toughness

UltiMaker Tough PLA is a cutting-edge technical filament crafted from polylactic acid (PLA) that boasts a toughness reminiscent of ABS, yet retains the user-friendly attributes that make PLA so popular. This material redefines the boundaries of 3D printing, particularly when it comes to fabricating functional prototypes and robust tooling on a larger scale. The best part? You can embrace the advantages of Tough PLA without any concerns about delamination or warping, ensuring a seamless and reliable printing experience, just like regular PLA.

What truly sets Tough PLA apart is its exceptional impact strength, bridging the gap between traditional PLA and ABS. This enhanced durability opens up a world of possibilities, enabling you to deploy your 3D printed parts in a multitude of functional applications.

Key Features

  • Create tough plastic parts
  • Achieve complex geometries
  • Thermal resistance of 58 degrees celcius
  • Available in 7 different colours

Key Applications include:

  • Jigs, fixtures & tooling
  • Designs with intricate curves
  • Large model toughness
  • Functional prototypes

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