UltiMaker PETG

Easy to use & versatile material

Ideal material for industrial environments

In comparison to both PLA and Tough PLA, UltiMaker PETG emerges as the epitome of versatility, unlocking a vast spectrum of technical applications. While it retains the ease of printing akin to PLA, it bestows upon you the industrial-grade properties crucial for demanding projects.

UltiMaker PETG is designed to strike the perfect equilibrium between various properties, making it an ideal choice for UltiMaker users operating in industrial settings. Its well-rounded attributes encompass visual aesthetics, functional integrity, and mechanical robustness, ensuring that your 3D prints can endure the rigors of real-world applications.

Moreover, the integration of NFC detection and dedicated print profiles makes UltiMaker PETG seamlessly harmonise with the UltiMaker platform.

Key Features

  • Wear resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Tough
  • Temperature resistant
  • Available in 14 different colours

Key Applications include:

  • Functional prototypes
  • Manufacturing aids

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