Antero 800NA

High performance thermoplastic

Antero 800NA part

High performance PEKK based thermoplastic

Antero 800NA is a high performance, Pekk based FDM thermoplastic from Stratasys that possesses excellent mechanical properties including high strength, high heat resistance, toughness and wear-resistance. As one of the highest performing thermoplastics In the Stratasys range, Antero 800NA has superior chemical resistance and ultra-low outgassing, making it an ideal lighter alternative to aluminium and steel.

How does Antero 800NA differ from other Pekk Products?

Unlike Pekk parts made with some powder-based additive processes, Antero 800NA parts are more durable and dimensionally stable, even when building large parts.

Antero 800NA is highly cost efficient compared to Pekk materials used in traditional manufacturing processes as parts can be produced on demand without the need for storing large inventories, creates significantly less material wastage and has optimized topology. 


Antero 800NA is recommended for Aerospace and other high-performance vehicle makers for the following applications:

  • Its Superior chemical resistance means it can be used for components exposed to hydrocarbons, such as fuels and lubricants, as well as many acids.
  • Its low outgassing allows it to be used in confined spaces and sensitive environments such as satellites, where materials may not outgas under vacuum.
  • Antero’s high operating temperature is designed to allow it to be used for applications under the hood or in engine compartments.

Available on 

Antero 800NA will initially be available with a wall thickness of 0.010 in (0.25mm) with more options being released in the near future.

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