First photopolymer that passes vertical burn and aerospace FST standards

High performance & high modulus material.

3955™ is a halogen-free, high-performance, high modulus material with excellent flexural and tensile physical properties. The material passes UL94 flammability V-0 and FST (AirBus AITM2-0002, AITM2-0007, AITM3-0005), and its high HDT allows it to withstand harsh environments with negligible deformation.

Parts printed with 3955 showcase an outstanding surface finish making it ideal for connector and interior parts for aerospace and rail. 3955™ has been tested in QUV exterior weathering conditions (ASTM G-154 @ Cycle 1) for 1600 hours with less than a 15% change in Flexural properties.


  • HVAC components for aircraft
  • Clips and plugs for control systems/cabinets
  • Connectors, electronic housings

What are 3955’s Qualities?

  • Extremely high HDT delivers negligible deformation in harsh environments
  • High performance, high modulus with excellent flexural and tensile physical properties
  • Passes flammability 2×10 second Vertical Burn and FST (AITM2-0002, AITM2-0007, AITM3-0005)
  • Halogen Free

What printer can it be used on?

This high-strength material can be used on the Stratasys Origin 1 P3.

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