Tough high impact for fixtures and tooling

Strong and durable polymer

3172 is a very strong and durable photopolymer with mechanical attributes similar to polypropylene. It displays fantastic elongation, impact strength, and compression strength. Parts manufactured with 3172 can be machined, tapped, or polished.

3172 resin allows you to produce functional parts that require high stiffness with a good surface finish and high impact resistance. Attributes are similar to Polypropylene (PP). This material is resistant to impact stress and is ideal for tooling applications, manufacturing aids, housings, and consumer applications such as insoles.


  • Manufacturing aids
  • Tooling applications
  • Housings and covers
  • Insoles

What are 3172’s Qualities?

  • • Superior impact strength
  • Good surface finish
  • Parts can be machined, tapped, or polished.
  • Tested in QUV exterior weathering conditions (ASTM G-154) for 800 hours with less than a 15% change in tensile and impact properties.

What printer can it be used on?

This material can be used on the Stratasys Origin 1 P3.

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