How much does it cost to rent a 3D printer?

How much does it cost to rent a 3D printer?

Get the best 3D printer hire deals with Tri-Tech and gain access to the latest models.

When you rent a 3D printer from Tri-Tech 3D, the benefits range from flexible payment to the latest technology as it arrives. Here’s how our 3D printer rental service can make additive manufacturing fit around you.

Can I rent a 3D Printer?

Renting a 3D printer is easier and more affordable than you think. In order to rent a 3D printer, you will need to undergo a few simple credit checks, this process is usually quite quick, with approvals made within 24/48 hours.  A new start-up company or sole trader may struggle to get finance, but this can be overcome by deposit payments and/or directors guarantees. The first step is to talk to one of our team and we can pre-propose finance without any obligation.  Once approved you then know what value technology you can consider.

What are the main benefits of renting a 3D printer?

There are several benefits of renting equipment Vs outright purchase.  In the current climate we consider pay on demand as quite the norm, who owns a photocopier these days, and most cars are either leased or on PCP contract.  Its more common than you may think.  Rentals are usually affordable, good for cashflow and retains money in the bank, available for other unexpected requirements.

Renting also gives you the ability to invest in more equipment, build up demand without the outlay of large amounts of money.  If you currently outsource 3D print work for example, then you are already in the mindset to pay as you go.  The easiest thing you can do is to switch to a lease rental, hopefully at lower monthly/quarterly costs and bring the end part production inhouse.  If higher value, may improve workflow and/or protect your IP.

Furthermore, there are well documented taxation benefits to companies in regard to rentals, but we suggest you investigate these further with your own financial advisors, to see if/how these apply to your business.

When to rent VS buy a 3D printer?

If you have a proven requirement and plan to run a system to its end-of-life, you may find outright purchase is the way for you.  Do you currently buy all the other equipment on the factory floor?  If so, a 3D printer in a production environment may be viewed in the same way.

If however you wish to keep your options open and likely want to maintain pace with new technology as/when available, then rental can provide more flexibility to upgrade.  Either at an early stage or at the end of a minimum rental period, you are likely to be able to swap an existing system for a new variance, often at the same rental value.  Whereas a capital investment may take more consideration and longer approval times.

I’m not ready to lease or buy a 3D printer – is a service an option?

Outsourcing is indeed akin to rental, as focus is more on the output than ownership of a device.  If you aren’t ready yet to invest, or require multiple differing technologies, then using a print bureau could be a great way to get started. Companies such as 3D Print Bureau based in Stoke on Trent, who have a team of experts running a variety of professional 3D printers 24/7 in differing technologies.  So you can simply pay as you go for the end part, until such time your volume hits a level whereby you can justify bringing in-house.

What are my options when it comes to 3D printers?

When you’re guiding your business into the world of additive manufacturing, it can seem like there are only two options: either buy a 3D printer outright or enlist a print bureau every time you need product. Depending on your setup, both options can make sense – but there’s a third way that could pay real dividends for businesses who want all the benefits of additive manufacturing combined with logistical and financial agility.

Let’s answer a few key questions about our popular 3D printer rental service.

Why should I hire a 3D printer?

“We live in a world of consumption economics,” explains Tri-Tech 3D Director Adrian Painter, “and it’s more commonplace now to pay for what we use.” The problem is, by outsourcing to a print bureau on an ad hoc basis, you’ll pay a premium and have to work within a third party’s production schedules.

When you rent a 3D printer and bring the process in-house, however, you’ll immediately cut your expenditure, while speeding up your output by creating product and prototypes at a moment’s notice. Meanwhile, you won’t have to commit the upfront capital you would with a full purchase of a 3D printer – and there could even be tax benefits, depending on your company setup.

What other benefits are there to 3D printer rental?

At Tri-Tech 3D, our rental service puts a firm focus on flexibility. We recognise that all of our clients are individuals, ranging from plucky start-ups to seasonal businesses where busy periods of intensive 3D printing are followed by months of downtime. To reflect this, we offer a range of rental plans, including fixed term contracts, step rentals (so you pay less while establishing the business in early years) or deferred payments (so you can print now and pay later). “Plus, companies with seasonal impacts can choose a payment break during quiet periods,” explains Adrian, “opting to pay more when cash-flow allows.”

Which models are available through 3D printer rental?

Tri-Tech 3D is proud to offer the UK’s most comprehensive portfolio of 3D printers – and every model is available to our rental clients. According to your requirements, this can also include post-processing equipment, while we also offer ongoing maintenance, extended warranty and support as required.

Even better, as a rental customer, we’ll keep you up to speed on the latest technology and make the newest 3D printers available to you immediately, even if you’re midway through a contract. “Our rental service means that companies can keep upgraded with the latest technology,” says Adrian, “and they can scale up by simply increasing monthly payments.”

How much does it cost to rent a 3D printer?

Our 3D printer rental rates are constantly checked against the sector to ensure we’re offering you the best deals. To give you an idea of starting points, a professional 3D printer is available from as little as £299 per month (including a wash system and 12 months support).

But the smartest move is to get in touch with the Tri-Tech 3D team and let us find a 3D printer rental solution that’s built around you. Our experts can factor in everything – from your print requirements to what you currently spend on a print bureau – before quoting you for the package that makes sense for you.

From there, we’re ready to take care of everything – from delivery and installation to optional 3D printing training – and ensure that your in-house additive manufacturing programme gets off to the smoothest possible start.

For 3D printer rental in the UK, call Tri-Tech 3D today on 01782 814551 or email