Gemini Washing Stations

EFT 900

Encapsulated Washing Systems

Gemini Cleaning Systems were established in 2011 as a direct request from Objet distributors very specific needs for a more professional operator friendly washing station to complement their high quality Polyjet 3D printers.

At Gemini they produce machinery that can be found nowhere else on the market, for instance, they are the only manufacturer in the world offering an ECO wash station & a soluble support removal system specifically developed to work alongside the Objet 1000 printer.

Gemini Cleaning Systems have established a reputation offering properly engineered high quality finishing systems catering for the smallest desktop Polyjet 3D printer up to the largest FDM printers.

The ECO range of water recycling machines including the Eco-400, Eco-600 and now the Eco-PRO-1000, have been specifically developed to reduce the amount of water being used during the cleaning operation. By using these machines, you can expect to save up to 80% of your water consumption and be confident in the knowledge that you are reducing your environmental impact on your local resources.

💧 Wash Stations for PolyJet

  • SSR 1000
  • SSR 500
  • SSR 260
  • ECO 400 (save up to 80% on your water usage)
  • ECO 600 (save up to 80% on your water usage)
  • Genie Pro 1000
  • Genie 400
  • Genie 300

💧 Wash Stations for FDM

  • EFT 900
  • EFT 500

For further information on Gemini Wash Stations or if you are unsure as to which you need for your system, please get in touch with our team.