Accelerating Digital Dentistry

UK Dentech pushes the boundaries of Digital Dentistry with 3D Printing

After acknowledging the fact that dentistry was moving forward UKDentech embraced the change and aimed to streamline their current dentistry processes whilst pushing the boundaries of digital dentistry.


Traditionally making dentures is a very long process. Manual operations are too slow and labour-intensive to compete in today’s fast-paced dental market, add this to the fragility of plaster models and you’ve got a very costly process.  This is where UKDentech wanted to change.

The Solution

UKDentech chose to purchase the Objet 260 Dental selection, allowing them to incorporate colour and flexibility to their models, something they see as a differentiator when it came to competitors.

The high quality precision printing of the Objet 3D Printer allows UK Dentech to accurately and rapidly manufacture dental models.

The Results

UK Dentech have found that they can now print up to 100 models a day with any breakages easily reprinted and can happily leave it to print whilst they focus on other tasks. They found the printer easy to use, and enjoy being able to leave the machine print whilst carrying out other tasks. Their turnaround time has been dramatically cut and has let them create a digital end-to-end workflow, revolutionizing their current dental laboratory.

Watch the full video case study here: