SSR 1000

Encapsulated Finishing Tank for Polyjet 3D Printers...

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SSR 1000

The SSR-1000 has been developed to be used specifically with the Objet 1000 3D printer to efficiently remove the new soluble support material from the print in a cost effective way.

The machines are manufactured in high grade stainless steel and employ the very best insulation materials keeping a more constant regulated temperature inside the tank.

  • Power Requirements: 16 amp 415+N supply
  • Tank Volume: 900 litres
  • Maximum external size : H1050 D 1100 W 1470 mm
  • Internal basket: 950 x 950 x 680 mm
  • Second internal basket: 450 x 450 x 43mm

There are high & low level tank fluid level sensors within the tank. There is a safety switch isolating the machine if either of the lids are raised.

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