Genie Pro 1000

Genie encapsulated wash system for the Objet 1000 printer...

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Genie Pro 1000

The PRO-1000 wash station has been specifically developed to accommodate the maximum print bed area 1000 x 800 x 500mm produced on the Objet 1000 printer. High expectations for quality, reliability, safe and simple to use controls are always at the forefront ensuring the operators comfort during the cleaning process and helping to keep productivity at the very highest level possible.

The Genie Pro-1000 can be produced with many bespoke options to suit your own particular needs even up to 4 operators working at the same time. The print produced by the latest large format printers pose quite a few challenging problems, due to the overall size and weight of the items to be cleaned. All printed items are loaded into the wash unit directly from the printer on the printers own print bed eliminating any manual lifting issues.


The PRO-1000 is also available as an ECO version reducing your water consumption and saving you 1,000’s of litres of water per day.

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  • Power Requirements
  • Tank Volume: 
  • Maximum external size : 
  • Internal basket:
  • Second internal basket:

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