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EFT 500

EFT 500 Finishing Tank

The EFT 500 has been developed to be used specifically with the Fortus 380mc/450mc FDM 3D printers to efficiently remove the support material from the 3D print in a cost effective way.

This finishing tank is the very latest innovating cleaning system incorporating innovative design. The machines are manufactured in high grade stainless steel with industrial casters and employ the very latest innovations in insulation materials keeping more constant regulated temperature inside the tank.


  • Power Requirements – The EFT 500-1 will operate off a standard 13 amp 220-230 v supply. The EFT 500-2 requires a 20 amp 220-230 v supply
  • Tank Volume: 120 litres
  • Maximum external size : H1270 D 800 W 610 mm
  • Internal basket: 420 x 420 x 380 mm

All EFT machines come as standard with semi-automatic fill and a pumped drain cycle (to use both of these services the machine needs to be connected permanently to the mains water/drains services). Very high flow magnetically driven pump with variable pressure/flow controls. High & low level tank fluid level censers within the tank Safety switch isolating the machine if the lid is raised.

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Leasing 3D Printers

Tri-Tech 3D provide direct rental contracts on our full range of 3D printers, which can include post processing equipment and extended warranty, making your investment into 3D printing both affordable and help plan your annual expenditure.

Funding in the most part, is provided by our sister company Stanford Marsh Finance(a division of the Stanford Marsh Group) or via our numerous strategic finance partners/brokers.

Rates are frequently checked to ensure competitiveness in the market place and you will find our terms highly attractive.  With options such as fixed term contracts, step rentals which make payments lower in the earlier years allowing time to grow the use from your new device.  Or deferred payment, enabling you to benefit from the technology ahead of when you start paying.

Why lease 3D Printers?..

Not only can leasing be financially beneficial to companies, but it can also give you the ability to remain ahead and current with technology. It also means your entry point to utilisation of a professional 3D printer is far more affordable than you may think – a professional 3D printer from as little as £299 per month, (including a wash system and 12-months support).

Furthermore, if like many companies today you are outsourcing 3D printing via a 3D Print Bureau, you are already spending an amount each month that when converted to a lease, could represents an in-house option at no extra cost (savings possibly).  Either talk to one of our team, or send us details of your average spend and we can help provide an ROI report.

In addition to our excellent rates, as an end user dealing directly with one vendor for finance, equipment and after sales care, your rental agreement will provide you with a future flexible upgrade path. We’ve enabled companies to acquire new technology prior to the completion of the minimum rental period, without the usual high termination figure charged by outside finance agencies.

All finance is subject to approval and none of the solutions detailed above are guaranteed to suit all scenarios. What we can promise however, is we will do our utmost to make the finance of your 3D Print solution as affordable and easy as possible.

If you are interested in further information, please contact us.

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