Experience Stratasys Manufacturing

Experience Stratasys Manufacturing Virtual Event

May 12th - Stratasys Manufacturing Event

On May 12th Stratasys is going to be introducing two new 3D Printers and over 20 new materials designed to make your factory floor even more efficient. These new products and materials offer manufacturers more capacity to meet deadlines and make budget, whether it’s by supplementing traditional machining or faster creation of production parts.

What to expect at the event…

  • See first hand two new FDM printers
  •  20+ NEW materials
  • Polymer printing solutions to supplement or replace molded production
  • Engage with Stratasys experts and ask questions
  • Experience a new vision for the factory floor with expanded additive capabilities.


The event will take part on May 12th for the UK at 8:50am local time. Due to the size of the event, Stratasys will be hosting this online therefore not having to limit numbers at an in-person event.

How do I register?

Simple! Just click here and fill in your details. You will then get sent a diary invite and a link to click on the day.