Affordable, industrial grade printing

The F120 brings quality to the desktop

Durable beyond its size, the F120 is more reliable than its peers

The F120 has been on the market for just over half a year now, so we thought we’d review the ways in which this small but mighty printer has impacted the world of 3D printing. As the latest in the F123 series it was the first industrial grade 3D printer to bring professional 3D printing to the masses, but still provides a superior alternative to other desktop printers.

Top Features


Stratasys have grounds to claim that every machine in their F123 range is reliable, especially given that over 250,000 hours of testing went into the F120! It’s this dedication to testing that has give the machine it’s impressive 100% reliability, long-term accuracy and performance. You can trust the F120 to deliver results on any occasion, whether it’s a single complex part or a few batches with repeated results. At the end of the day, the F120 affords you peace of mind and worry-free results. You can go and fetch a cuppa without any fear of mistakes or disruption! The average user of the F120 doesn’t experience a single hour of downtime.


You get a finished result that looks exactly like the design file you sent to the printer. That’s what true accuracy is. The dimensional accuracy of even the most complex designs is reflected in Stratasys’s production of each and every F120 machine. We’re talking about considerations such as Kevlar belts that will in theory never wear out, or the superior patented temperature control – everything in the F120 is designed to provide peak accuracy for the whole lifespan of the printer.


The accuracy we just mentioned can be expected for the long-term, with performance that never dips. Components such as the exterior steel frame, the profile rail, the servo motors – all of this ensures quality even when the printer is in very frequent use. Because you can’t pick and choose when you need to print, you need technology that is ready to go every day of every year.

Particularly suited for…

When we say “industrial grade”, we mean 3D printers that have been made with productivity in mind. It’s the rugged components that the machine is comprised of that deliver printing you can rely on – no matter the circumstance. The combined quality of construction and ease of printing ensure accurate printing over the long-term – in short, it’s perfect for small or single batch productions.

Gina Scala, Director of Global Education at Stratasys commented:

The F120 can decentralize 3D printing and make it more accessible for design studios, offices and education.

The precision temperature control ensures long-term accuracy and the highest safety standards – rigorous compliance testing means it’s safe to use in a huge variety of environments. Beyond this, even printers previously perceived as “specialist” in the manufacturing industry have been unable to match the accuracy, durability and performance of the F120. This is interesting given the desktop nature, and the quoted decentralisation of 3D printing brought about by this machine. Smaller teams of designers, teachers or manufacturers can enjoy the power of high-end 3D printing – with price being less of a worry than ever before.

The F120 brings a collision of affordability, reliability and professionalism to environments where it wasn’t previously possible, and will continue to bring  3D printing to the masses for plenty of time to come. If you want to find out more about the F120 or any machine in the F123 series then give us a call today!

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