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Accelerate your design process, improve design and communication, reduce your prototyping design costs and prove out your designs with functional and durable FDM models. These are just some of the areas that can directly benefit from in-house 3d printing using Stratasys FDM technology

Concept Models

Effectively evaluate, optimize and communicate your prototype design with Fused Deposition Modeling concept models. Used in early stages of product development, FDM models reduce costs and shorten development timelines.

Functional Prototypes

As your product’s design evolves from concept to functional prototype, FDM plays an important role in testing. FDM functional prototypes allow you to test in real-world environments and make decisions that have a dramatic effect on the cost to manufacture your product.

End-use Parts

Without the expense and lead time of traditional tooling or machining, FDM can produce end-use parts tough enough for integration into your final product. Ideal for building small quantities of parts while waiting for tooling, FDM Technology makes it possible to get your or products to market faster.

Manufacturing Tools

On the manufacturing floor, time is money. FDM can reduce the time it takes to create manufacturing tools by up to 85%. You can produce manufacturing tools such as jigs and fixtures, tooling masters and production tooling in hours—without expensive machining or tooling

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