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3D Software

Tri-Tech 3D offer a range of proprietary 3D software packages designed to aid the 3d print workflow process

Solid Edge

Solid Edge is the most complete hybrid 2D/3D CAD system on the market today. With superior core modelling and process workflows, a unique focus on the needs of specific industries and fully integrated design management, Solid Edge helps guide your projects toward an error-free, accurate design solution.

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Solid Edge is the most complete hybrid 2D/3D CAD system on the market today. With superior core modelling and process workflows, a unique focus on the needs of specific industries and fully integrated design management, Solid Edge helps guide your projects toward an error-free, accurate design solution.

Solid Edge Premium

Solid Edge Premium is the flagship solution which expands on the capabilities that are found within the Classic product. Premium brings some additional modules and functionality which include: Harness Design Tube and Pipe Routing Fully integrated Simulation (FEA)

Solid Edge Classic

Solid Edge Classic contains all the core modelling capabilities that are found within the Foundation product. However it also adds the following additional integrated modules: Simulation Express for the analysis of parts Engineering Reference for the creation of intelligent parts such as gears, shaft and springs Machinery Library standard parts library Photo rendering and animation Insight design data management

Solid Edge Foundation

Solid Edge Foundation features all core Solid Edge 2D and 3D modelling functionality and includes sheet metal design, advanced part modelling and surfacing, advanced assembly design, explode render animate, frame design and more. Solid Edge Design & Drafting Solid Edge Design & Drafting is the entry level product which includes all 2D functionality, basic part modelling, and assembly modelling. Design & Drafting is an ideal low-cost introduction to the benefits of Solid Edge and 3D solid modelling. It can also be used as a compliment to existing Solid Edge Foundation, Classic and Premium licenses. Solid Edge Design & Drafting includes the revolutionary synchronous technology.

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Solid Edge
Objet Studio Software

Move smoothly from any 3D CAD package to efficient, high-quality 3D printing.

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Objet Studio™ client/server software makes building high-quality, highly detailed and accurate models a fast, efficient operation

Developed specifically for Objet 3D printing systems, Objet Studio supports STL and SLC files from any 3D CAD application. The software offers simple "click & build" preparation and 3D print tray editing and provides easy, accurate job estimation and full job control, including queue management. The software also features powerful wizards that facilitate and speed up system maintenance.

Key Advantages:

* Automatic support generation
* Networking capibility supports multiple users
* Easy tray build saves setup time
* Slice-on-the-fly dramatically reduces pre-print time
* Auto-plcement of parts ensures, accurate and consistent positioning
* Intuitive, wizard-guided maintenance provides high up-time


CAD to Objet Studio Workflow

A useful guide to help you optimize your CAD file for 3d printing...

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The basic workflow for designing models in a CAD program and printing them on an Objet 3-D printer consists of three phases:

  1. Design a model in CAD, save as .STL file or run geometry check thru third-party software (ie. Magics RP)
  2. Import STL file
  3. Print model

This application guide provides a step-by-step illustration on how best to optimise your 3D CAD design for 3d printing using an Objet 3d printer. It covers all the major 3D CAD packages including:

SolidWorks, Pro-ENGINEER, Catia, IronCAD, McNeel Rhino, UGS-NX, AutoCAD, SolidEDGE, AutoDesk Inventor

CAD to Objet Studio - Connex

Learn how to optimise and save your 3d CAD for 3d printing using Objet Connex technology

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Understanding the interface between your CAD software and the Connex 3-D printer

lets you get the most out of innovative PolyJet Matrix™ technology.

Fortus Insight and Control Center software

For all Fortus Direct Digital Manufacturing systems

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Insight software prepares your CAD program’s STL output to be manufactured on a Fortus system by automatically slicing and generating support structures and material extrusion paths. For maximum control, users can manually edit parameters that determine the look, strength and precision of parts as well as the speed and material use of the FDM process.

With Insight, you can:

  • Optimize build orientation for maximum strength and smoothest surface finish
  • Customize supports for fast, easy removal and best use of materials
  • Program pauses into the build for any reason, such as to embed hardware or circuitry
  • Manipulate tool paths for advanced control over part properties

Included with Insight is Control Center. This sophisticated software application communicates with user workstations and Fortus systems, to manage jobs and monitor production status. Design, engineering and manufacturing teams can network and share 3D manufacturing capacity to maximize efficiency and throughput.

Magics RP 16.0

The industry leading software package to help you prepare, edit, correct and fix your 3D files.

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Producing parts of premium quality implies that every step in the RP process is carried out meticulously, from data import to platform preparation. Magics RP software skilfully optimises all steps in your RP process, helping you build the perfect part.

By allowing you to gain a good understanding of your part before building, Magics RP ensures you won't have to deal with quality issues later on; when handling them has become costly and time-consuming. In addition, Magics RP has several tools to make process-related design changes directly

RP offers a range of tools that allow you to visualise and analyse parts, so you can immediately see whether your part is ready to be built or not. By dealing with product quality and manufacturability at an early stage, these tools help you save heaps of time and money.

It takes only a few mouse-clicks to:

  • Re-scale
  • Mirror
  • Duplicate
  • Cut / Punch
  • Label
  • Prop Generation
  • Extrude
  • Hollow
  • Create joins
  • Quickly orientate, resize and assemble parts.
  • Wall thickness analysis helps you to quickly identify problem areas that are too thin or too thick to be built properly. You can also instantly gain in-depth understanding of a part by performing a detailed STL analysis and using the advanced section tools.
  • Perform a wide variety of 2D and 3D measurements. This allows quality control after the part is built and guarantees your part has the right dimensions. You can add on modules to your Magics RP software to tailor it to your individual needs and the specific requirements of your RP process.
Mimics RP

Anatomical 3d models created from CT, MRI and DICOM

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Mimics software allows you to process and edit your 2D image data (CT, μCT, MRI, etc.) to construct 3D models with the utmost accuracy, flexibility and user-friendliness. The powerful segmentation tools allow you to segment your medical CT/MRI images, take measurements and engineer directly on your 3D model. From there you can export your 3D data to a wide range of output formats and engineering applications; such as FEA, design, surgical simulation, additive manufacturing and more.

Mimics is part of Materialise' total solution for advancing biomedical R&D: the Mimics Innovation Suite.

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