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Objet Jseries
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Stratasys J750

Simultaneous jetting of 6 model materials offering 360,000 colour combinations, unparalleled material capability and the most realistic prototypes imaginable...

Colour comes naturally to the Stratasys J750: neutrals and neons, shadows and highlights, textures and gradients — over 360,000 colours automatically mapped from your design software for photorealistic models and prototypes

But colour isnt the full story, with the J750s ability to print from a selection of six individual high-capacity model material cartridges, this printer offers fast 3d output and class-beating productivity by reducing material change-overs, cutting time and minimising waste

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J750 Full Colour Multi-material 3D Printer Build area: 490 x 390 x 200 (X,Y,Z) more info

Brilliant Full Colour models

The J750 is the ultimate tool for creating beautiful full colour prototypes that look like the real thing. The J750 offers next level product simulation including a spectrum of 360,000 colours, gradients, tints, shades and textures in both rigid and rubber-like materials, without the need for painting or assembly

Maximum Versatility

With exponentially more multi-material options than any other 3D printer, the J750 opens up a range of 3d printing applications that previously required multiple systems to achieve. Print on demand from a range of six model materials to fulfil your clients needs at the touch of a button.

Print parts that feature Digital ABS alongside a variety of flexible Shore A values and / or translucencies. 14 micron or 30 micron layering capability means you wont sacrifice time for part intricacy or complexity

Fast and Efficient Workflow

PolyJet Studio is the new software package enabling you to streamline your workflow using the J750 3D printer. This software offers an intuitive interface that makes light work of choosing materials, optimising the build and managing print queues. PolyJet Studio significantly improves shell-based colour assignment for STL and shell-based VRML files, speeding up colour, gradient, tint or texture assignment saving you time during build preparation. 

Next generation print heads offer increased speed and print quality

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The J750 printer utilises the full range of Objet FullCure materials in 3.6Kg capacity cartridges including:

Vero family (rigid)


Vero PureWhite




Tango family (flexible rubber-like)

Digital Materials (combinations of the Vero and Tango materials)

Digital ABS (Green or Ivory)



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