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Objet models are suitable for a wide range of post process applications that can bring real value and instant benefits to your organisation. Tri-Tech 3D have a broad knowledge of key manufacturing techniques that can take full advantage of the Objet Polyjet printing process to save you time and money.

For example, Objet models can be used to check and validate your design for fit, form, and function before making commitments to expensive production tooling. Additionally, male and female mould tools can be printed on the Objet system to enable the production of silicone parts including seals, gaskets, gaiters, and push-button key pads. Objet models can be easily sanded, dyed, painted, and glued to produce life-like and realistic prototype models for marketing focus groups.

Parts from the Objet system can also be metal-coated to produce short run 'rapid tooling' for use in plastic injection moulding machines, or to add strength for more rigorous applications such as wind tunnel testing.

We have a vast range of industry and application specific guides for you to download.

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