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About Tri-Tech 3D

About Tri-Tech3D

We are more than just a company that sells 3D printers!

Tri-Tech 3D is the leading provider of Stratasys 3D printing solutions within the UK and Ireland, offering the complete range of Objet PolyJet™ and Stratasys FDM™ 3D printing technologies

  • We’re 3D Printing Experts

    We are a team with varying backgrounds from engineers and technicians to artists and writers. It is this diversity that makes us the company we are, striving to continuously be the best in our field. We have earned the enviable reputation within the industry of being the 3D Printing Experts.

  • We’re Award Winning

    We were founded by our MD Paul Webber in 2007 and since then we’ve gone from a small team to tripling in size. We’ve hit many milestones along the way being awarded prizes for our customer satisfaction and innovative marketing. We support young engineers in our community, regularly sponsoring schools within Stoke-On-Trent in KMF’s Young Engineer of the Year. 

  • We’re Comprehensive

    We offer a complete package of services from initial specification and supply of 3D printing hardware, software, onsite 3D printer installation, staff training and full product support.

  • We’re Knowledgeable

    Tri-Tech 3D have a wealth of industry knowledge and technical expertise covering all the major rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing technologies. Our roots as a true engineering company with bias on technical ability and support has helped us to become the most reliable and well-respected business partner for Stratasys and Objet 3D printers throughout the UK and Ireland. 

  • We’re Progressive

    We as a company want to see the progression and adoption of 3D printing throughout all industry sectors. We want to ensure our customers have access to accurate and reliable information, helping their business to grow and develop utilising the very latest cutting edge technology. We endeavour to provide solutions that are exploratory, inspirational and educational. 

  • Staffordshire University

    Staffordshire University

    There are many companies selling 3D Printing Technology but not all are equal! We chose Tri-Tech3D as our supplier of choice due to their flexibility in matching our requirements, their technical knowledge and their support arrangements. We are confident we made the right choice as we have now doubled our RP capacity and added a new technology in the form of an Objet 30 Pro printer which is delivering exceptional quality models.
    David Cheshire
  • FMC Technologies Ltd

    FMC Technologies Ltd

    When deciding which 3D printer best suited our requirements, Tri-Tech3D was very helpful. In advance of the printer selecton, Tri-Tech3D supplied us with a model of one of our components in order to demonstrate the accurate and high quality finish there product produces. This made our printer selection very easy. Tri-Tech3D has since provided excellent technical and customer support.
    Jim Bain
  • Hope Technology Ltd

    Hope Technology Ltd

    Hope is proud to have worked with such a professional company and would gladly recommend their services. The whole process of selecting the correct machine for our needs, to installation and customer service has been a pleasant and encouraging experience. We are overwhelmed with the perfomance of our new 3D prnter which has led us to push new boundaries with our product development.
    Mark Reynolds
  • 3D Print Bureau

    3D Print Bureau

    I’ve been involved in offering an additive manufacturing service for over 12 years and in that time you can’t put enough emphasis on customer care and experience of support staff. It’s inevitable that faults occur from time to time and having good reliable people with experience and skills to resolve the issues is priceless. Thanks Tri-Tech. 
    Gary Miller
  • Hosiden Besson Ltd.

    Hosiden Besson Ltd.

    Tri-Tech 3D have given excellent support since the moment we contacted them, as well as during the implementation process and customer service. Very friendly and professional people to work with. Technically, the new machine has enabled us to acheive shorter lead times for development, durable-robust designs and pre-production phase trials. I would not hesitate to recommend the Connex 260.
    Samuel Lorenz
  • JJ Thompson Orthodontics

    JJ Thompson Orthodontics

    When we purchased the Objet 30 multi-functional 3D printer, the installation was hassle-free and we found the training extremely thorough. If you’re looking for a 3D printer, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tri-Tech 3D.
    Ann John
  • Lestercast


    Two years on from purchasing the printer, we now use the machine on a weekly basis and are beginning to explore and use the printed models for many different areas and applications. The introduction of the Objet30 has enabled Lestercast to offer alternative routes to our clients, specifically with regards to our rapid-prototyping process. The service we receive from Tri-Tech 3D is always very good and hassle free. I have found the engineers to be very knowledgeable and the office staff to be extremely efficient and helpful. I would certainly recommend Tri-Tech 3D and their services to others and look forward to working with them in the future. 
    Chris French
  • Thinkable Studio Ltd, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

    Thinkable Studio Ltd, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

    Tri-Tech 3D have been a beacon of excellence from the day they installed our Objet 3D printer to today’s ongoing support. Friendly service and extremely knowledgeable staff.
    Jorg Schleiffers
  • G2 Design Consultants

    G2 Design Consultants

    Tri-Tech 3D made our transition into rapid prototyping a simple and enjoyable process. We were up and running extremely fast and confidently producing high quality parts. Tri-Tech's staff have provided excellent support and advice, and their friendly and professional manner has ensured a great working relationship.
    Barry Hawkes
  • Chalk Studios - London

    Chalk Studios - London

    Rarely, if ever, do you come across a company that takes customer service to the exceptional levels provided by that of Tri-Tech 3D. We at chalk are greatly appreciative of the company and all of its staff.
    Mark Lim
  • University Hospitals Birmingham

    University Hospitals Birmingham

    We have been affiliated with Tri-Tech 3D now for nearly seven years. It has been a very smooth relationship all the way. Paul, Tim and Dutch have been tremendous as with the whole team. Nothing is ever an issue. We originally had an Alaris 30 but now upgraded to an Eden 350V. We specialise in the Medical Modelling field and produce a vast amount of models. There have never been any issues and we have recommended Tri-Tech 3D to many other NHS Hospitals.
    Stefan Edmondson
  • Central College Nottingham

    Central College Nottingham

    Tri-Tech 3D’s customer service has been second to none, their friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help with all of our needs. We have had great support from day one of having our Objet Prime 3D printer installed, with which our staff and learners have been able to create a great range of models. We would happily and confidently recommend Tri-Tech 3D to all of our contacts the Engineering Department at Central College Nottingham work with.
    Daniel Wheatley
  • U3D Printing Services

    U3D Printing Services

    Tri-Tech 3D got it right from the start. They were diligent and cared enough to model their business on a reliable technology and compliment that with an on-going dedication to improving cost, quality and accessibility. It is refreshing to be able to count on an excellent customer service approach. One can easily see with each new development, that customer feedback is not only considered but acted upon. What is also unique is that, regardless of which staff member or department I correspond with I get an equally friendly and helpful response. I recommend Stratasys technology to both customers and peers on a daily basis. Tri-Tech 3D consistently provide the perfect partnership to compliment this. It is imperative that a pioneering technology platform is delivered with excellent customer support. Not only would I use these services time and again... I’d miss them if they were gone!
    Brian Merrigan
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